Daily Post: Orange

via Daily Prompt: Orange I’ll be honest, when I first saw today’s Daily Prompt–orange–my thoughts immediately turned to our current President and his slightly orange skin tone. But let’s keep this post light, I thought, so I quickly changed gears and recalled a recent conversation with a friend who confided in me that her young … More Daily Post: Orange

Mama mia

I started this blog post thinking it would be about the difference between a person’s reaction to a death that is “in order” versus a death that is “out of order”, but it turned into more of a tribute to my remarkable mother. Rather fitting, I think. Love you, mom! … More Mama mia


Labeling jars, labeling photos, labeling people: labels help us organize and make sense of our world. But they can also be dangerous when applied to people. They can limit options and cause the person (including oneself) to conform to the label. … More Label