An Apple a Day

The air is crisp, I’ve pulled out my fall sweaters, and now it’s apple time!

First, go apple-picking. What better way to spend a free day with family and friends, relieve stress, breathe in the fresh country air, and get a little exercise, too? If you can, find a pesticide-free orchard. No point in putting chemicals and toxins into your system via pesticides if you don’t have to!

Next, make sure you wash your apples thoroughly–especially if they’re not organic.

Don’t peel them! You’ll lose some of the most vital  health benefits of the apple if you do! Don’t believe me–read what the Huffington Post has to say about peeling vs. not peeling apples.

Oh, wait! Peel the apples! If you don’t peel them, you’ll be ingesting too many dangerous pesticides! Don’t believe me (or the Huffington Post!). Read what “The Verge” has to say about peeling vs. not peeling apples.

Confused? You’re not the only one. Here’s what I do: I buy only organic apples, and then I wash and soak them in a baking soda-water mixture. I don’t peel them unless they’re not organic apples. Is this foolproof? Probably not, but it’s my own personal compromise. You’ll have to make your own decision whether or not to peel your apples. Let me know what you decide!

The best way to eat an apple is to just bite into it! You’ll get all the juiciness and all the vitamins and antioxidants it holds. For example, here are some of the apple’s best give-aways:

antioxidants (like quercetin), flavanoids (like phenolics), soluble fiber (like pectin), vitamins (C, K, B6, to name a few) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, manganese, etc.) and iron.

What does all that goodness mean for us? Glowing skin, healthy hair, improved digestion, decreased risk of cancer* and diabetes, increased energy, and more!

How to eat apples:

Raw: Bite into their goodness, sliced or whole.

Peanutbutter apple: Core the apple (but leave it whole) and scoop a Tablespoon or so of peanutbutter into the hole. Makes for a slightly messy but delicious lunchtime treat.

Stewed apples: Cut up apples, add a little water, a little sugar and some cinnamon. Cook down until apples are soft.

Applesauce: Peel (if desired) and cut up apples, add a little water, a little sugar and some cinnamon. Cook down until apples are soft. Transfer to food processor or use immersion blender to blend the apples into applesauce.

Apple Cake:  My grandmother’s recipe from The Charlotte Cookbook (Junior League of Charlotte, North Carolina) has the easiest–and best–apple cake. I’ll take a picture of it and see if you can follow the recipe. HOWEVER, please note, this is for special occasions only! It’s not super healthy, but you can modify it somewhat to make it a little healthier. Cut back on the sugar, replace some cooking oil with olive oil or grapeseed oil and cut slender slices for your guests.

Apple Pie: Nothing says deliciousnes like Mom’s apple pie!

Apple Cranberry casserole: This is one of my go-to holiday recipes. It’s the apple pie minus the crust, with an oatmal-nut crust on top. Plus, cranberries are super healthy and make a great accompaniment to apples. Cut the sugar back as much as you can stand it in both the filling and the topping and you’ll garner more nutrients out of your apples and your cranberries. Cut back on the butter, too, and substitute some olive oil. Use almond flour instead of white flour for a gluten-free dish. Serve as a side dish, or with a scoop of vanilla icea cream as dessert.

*Check out this article from Cornell Chronicle citing new research that touts the apple’s anti-cancer qualities.

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Easy, delicious apple cake recipe from my grandma’s favorite cookbook The Charlotte Cookbook. You need to tweak to make this healthier!



One thought on “An Apple a Day

  1. I have been chowing down on Honeycrisp apples this year. Usually they’re gigantic but this season I’m finding some more normal-sized ones. I realize as I read your post that this is the first year in many years that I haven’t made Grace’s famous apple cake from The Charlotte Cookbook. I’m gonna do it. And I’m not gonna make it healthy either. I’ll just enjoy a delicious and decadent piece and think of Grandma Grace. Love your blog.


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