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I’ll be honest, when I first saw today’s Daily Prompt–orange–my thoughts immediately turned to our current President and his slightly orange skin tone. But let’s keep this post light, I thought, so I quickly changed gears and recalled a recent conversation with a friend who confided in me that her young professional daughter has taken to tanning beds lately and that her skin has turned decidedly orange. “Should I tell her?” she pondered. (No, she shouldn’t). Then I told my husband what today’s prompt is, and he said “Orange”, “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” Seriously. That’s what he said.

Finally, my thoughts turned to how horrible my diet was as a kid, and yet, the one healthy food I did eat with gusto were oranges. Most days, my mom would would cut a hole in the top of the orange and I’d suck the orange dry through that hole, rip it open, then eat all the orange on the inside. Not only that, but I did something most kids (even those with way healthier diets) didn’t do–I ate the white part–the pith–every time! It turns out that white part contains as much or more vitamin C than the rest of the orange, contains fiber, lowers cholesterol, and is full of flavanoids that fight cancer. Who knew? Other days, my mom would slice my oranges into quarters. My favorite trick on those days was to wear the slices as my orange smile. But I would still eat the pith, and sometimes even the peel, which is also a nutrient powerhouse. (Let’s not think too much about what the pesticide situation was back then).

I still love oranges, and even occasionally eat the pith and peel, but I’ve also found a way to derive some of the benefits of the fruit without actually eating an orange. How do I do that? Simple–with aromatherapy and Wild Orange Essential Oil. I add a drop or two to my water for a refreshing drink, diffuse it, cook with it, spritz my face with it, and clean my counters with it. I get the benefits of the fruit in one teeny tiny little bottle of orange joy.

Can you imagine another fruit that could multi-task as well as an orange? One that you can both clean your counters and spritz your face with, freshen the air in your home and cook with?

Orange you glad today’s Daily Prompt wasn’t “banana”?





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