What did you say? Toilet Spray?

One day, while we were deciding which home cleaning product to experiment with from his homemade remedies and concoctions book*, my friend Scott said, “Toilet spray may not exactly be on your bucket list, but hey, you use your toilet every day, don’t you?” You can’t deny that! (and if you CAN deny that, you’ve got bigger problems than a dirty toilet, but I’ll save those ideas for another blog!) Anyway, toilet spray is just another name for “cleaning spray”. You can also use it on your bathroom (or kitchen) counters! Scott and I chose to call it toilet spray because it made us laugh every time we said it. At any rate, it will help freshen your stinky toilet and bathroom with just a few sprays and wipes. Gotta love that!

Note: In this age of coronavirus, please note that washing your counters with bleach or regular 409 or Lysol wipes is also a good idea. It’s up to you to decide on that, but spraying your toilet bowl and seat with this spray will be an added bonus to anything toxic or bad-smelling you feel you need to spray elsewhere! Make sense?


1 tsp rubbing alcohol

1 tsp vegetable glycerin

Essential Oil–Use 3-5 drops OR MORE per ounce

1/4 cup water or distilled water


Blend glycerin, alcohol and essential oils in bottle. Shake. Add the water. Shake again. Spray on toilet or other surfaces and wipe clean! Shake before you spray each time! Spray before you “do your business” and your toilet will always smell fresh! (You’ll be able to say, truthfully, “My poop don’t stink.” LOL.)

Essential Oil options:

Lemon Oil is a good option for cleaning toilets and bathrooms because of it’s fresh, citrus smell and also because it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Lavender smells so good with lemon, too. You can’t go wrong with this combo! This was Scott’s favorite combo, and we now call it Scotty’s Potty Spray.*

Melaleuca/Tea Tree oil is another good option, known for fighting germs, including viruses and bacteria. It smells OK, I guess, but the scent is a little strong for some.  Try mixing them together and see what you think!

Other suggestion:  Mix all these essential oils together: lavender, peppermint, rosemary and melaleuca/tea tree.

*I cannot remember the book. Sadly, Scott passed away last fall. My heart is still breaking, but whenever I use my Toilet Spray bottle, aka Scotty’s Potty Spray, I smile and remember him. Ahhhhh, memories.

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