I hope the name, lovecommacancer, and tagline “lessons in life and love brought to you by cancer” give you a sense of what this site is all about: love and life in all the messiness of cancer.

When my husband was first diagnosed with small intestinal cancer in July of 2015, the last thing on my mind was finding anything positive about the diagnosis. The best I could muster was putting one foot in front of the other. And I did just that–literally-logging more miles in one week than I had in my whole life!

My next step (no pun intended!) was finding good friends to wrap their arms around me and simply listen.

The diagnosis, followed by all the frantic “activity” (euphemism for things like surgery, pain, pain meds, side effects, charting the chemo plan, etc.), kept me moving and busy –too busy to cry all the time–but it wasn’t long before I noticed sometimes we were laughing, too. Did that just happen? Quick! Let’s go grab more moments like that, and off I (metaphorically) went to plan the next fun outing, trip or get-together with friends, try a new healthy recipe, research DIY projects, and read the next good book.  And the next. And the next. So that’s how we got through 2 surgeries and 9 months of intense chemo.

This site is an attempt to capture some of the moments of joy my family experienced– whenever, however, and wherever we could find them–and share them with you.  My hope is that you will find encouragement and inspiration as well as some practical tips in this blog to help you through your own challenges so that you, too, can not only bounce back, but bounce forward, after your diagnosis. And selfishly, I’m hoping this blog will help me keep growing, learning and laughing. Thanks in advance for that!

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