An Apple a Day

The air is crisp, I’ve pulled out my fall sweaters, and now it’s apple time! First, go apple-picking. What better way to spend a free day with family and friends, relieve stress, breathe in the fresh country air, and get a little exercise, too? If you can, find a pesticide-free orchard. No point in putting … More An Apple a Day

Daily Post: Orange

via Daily Prompt: Orange I’ll be honest, when I first saw today’s Daily Prompt–orange–my thoughts immediately turned to our current President and his slightly orange skin tone. But let’s keep this post light, I thought, so I quickly changed gears and recalled a recent conversation with a friend who confided in me that her young … More Daily Post: Orange

Mama mia

I started this blog post thinking it would be about the difference between a person’s reaction to a death that is “in order” versus a death that is “out of order”, but it turned into more of a tribute to my remarkable mother. Rather fitting, I think. Love you, mom! … More Mama mia