Green Scraps to Green Garden-Daily Post

20160528_174342via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

Here’s my husband (looking a little peaked), a couple days after one of his surgeries, standing next to our organic vegetable kitchen scraps garden! There are vegetables we rooted from kitchen scraps in little ramekins, and then later planted outside in our DIY (that J put together himself from a kit he purchased online) wooden standing garden diplay on our back deck. So easy! This spring we plan to root even more vegetables. Here’s an article I plan on studying up on so we can enjoy more variety in our kitchen scraps garden. (Our regular vegetable garden–tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.) is in the backyard, but this garden on the back deck is conveniently located close to the kitchen–yea!)

Here’s the link to a good article that should help you get started! And it will help us expand our repertoire!



#organic lifestyle





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