Snow Day

It wasn’t much of a snowstorm, but it did give us our one and only snow day of the season. A chance to take a few deep breaths, watch a movie, and listen to the wind howl. Bonus: we got to see a mouse scurry across the laundry room floor. Guess who won’t be doing laundry anytime soon? All I had to do was look at J after we saw the mouse and say “You know what that means, right?” And he knew. Knew he’d be washing, drying and folding the clothes for a while.

It’s funny how we often know what the other one is thinking. Sometimes I think J knows what I’m thinking before I do. Take today, for example. Our eldest daughter was at work, the youngest was at a friend’s, and J was working from home. I walked into the dining area and said “Can we talk?” I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to talk about; I just knew I wanted to talk. So we sat down on the couch, I took a few deep breaths, and said “I’m nervous about your scan” to which he responded “I knew that’s what you wanted to talk about!” “But it wasn’t”, I replied faintly, almost immediately realizing that he was right. It was–on some level at least– why I had wanted to sit down and talk. It’s just that the topic per se didn’t really matter. What was essential, rather, was the need to connect. Funny how the mind works. I guess we were both right in a way. I needed to talk–but not necessarily about something. I just needed to talk, to feel listened to, to be reminded of our partnership in this thing called life, and all its good, bad and unknowns.

Yea for snow days and the time they afford us to talk, reconnect, and catch mice in the middle of the week! Oh–and shovel!

Above: what’s left of the snow (on the deck) and the reminder of the shoveling!

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