Meanwhile on Earth 2

There’s this guy I follow on Twitter. Maybe he’s a famous actor or newscaster or maybe he’s just some guy I follow. I keep meaning to read his profile, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, his name is Ian somebody* and he’ll occasionally write posts about what is happening on Earth 2. You know, the Earth where we would be living had Donald Trump not won the election. These posts always take me by surprise because I’m a skimmer who tries to get to the meat of a tweet as quickly as possible. That’s what Twitter is all about–getting and sharing bits of information at lightning speed. So anyway, the first couple of times I read about Earth 2, I actually read the bit that came in the second half of the tweet and would think, “Wait a minute. Did that really happen?” Then I would see the “Earth 2” designation, and go “Oh yeah, this is not reality. This is what would have happened if…”.

Meanwhile, on Earth 2: President Hillary Clinton signed legislation reducing carbon emissions by 90% in 5 yrs. #girlsrule

I just made that one up and I didn’t count the number of characters, but you get the picture. I know you’re sharp!

Since Donald Trump actually is the President of the United States, Earth 2 is another world that exists in another sphere, where we never had to deal with Donald Trump as President, and is looked at longingly by many Earth 1 dwellers.

And since cancer really did interrupt our lives and still makes its presence known one way or the other, Earth 2 is that world we imagine where we never had to deal with a cancer diagnosis, and certainly never had to worry about a recurrence. We look longingly at those whose lives remain blissfully carefree.

Below you will read today’s Earth 2 tweets by yours truly:

Meanwhile on Earth 2, it’s 2040 and J and I r reflecting on how lucky we r he never got cancer that took his dad 2 soon. #feelinglucky #carefree

Meanwhile, on Earth 2: D takes her beloved canines on daily run on the beach. Still insists on making homemade organic dog food. No artificial preservatives or meat for my babies, she exclaims. #lovemybabies

Meanwhile, on Earth 2: D & family are volunteering in Guatemalan Mayan village, knitting blankets & hats for schoolkids. Hiked active volcano 2day. #neverfeltbetter

Meanwhile, on Earth 2:  D, J & friends toast 10 year cancer-free milestone. They give credit to beloved spouses. #lovemyspouse #cancerfree

Meanwhile on Earth 2:  J is the picture of health, celebrating anniversary w/wife biking through French canals. J still insists he doesn’t need biking shoes or shorts. His butt is a little sore, though, he admits. #neverfeltbetter #lovemywife

Meanwhile, on Earth 2: J takes care of grandkids whenever he can. They always beg him to push them higher on swing. Sometimes he begs them to push him, too. #lovemygrandkids #swinghigh

Meanwhile, on Earth 2: J’s wife finally talks him into doing yoga with her. But only twice a week. There have to be limits, he insists. #lovemywife #yogaisthebest

Meanwhile, on real Earth 1…

DJT  really is our 45th President. #istillcantbelieveit

BFF currently dealing w/the real possibility of recurrence in lungs. Sitting on pins and needles waiting 4 biopsy results. #cancersucks

J has cough & wife freaks out but struggles 2 keep doing yoga breathing and meditation so can be of comfort to D & J if they need it.

Hoping they won’t. Let us pray.


* I just looked it up and his name is Ian Millhiser. (Justice Editor, ThinkProgress). Good to know! Hope he doesn’t mind me stealing his Earth 2 concept. I’m a novice blogger and don’t know how this works. I’m giving him credit here, so I hope that’s enough!





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