via Daily Prompt: Marathon J and I have three kids, beautifully and perfectly spaced–as if we planned it–at 25, 22, and 12. Not only are they beautifully spaced, they are beautiful, inside and out. They’re not perfect, mind you, but they are inquisitive, loving and spirited individuals, each setting off on their own path in … More Marathon

Setting Boundaries

You’ve been slammed with a difficult diagnosis. People want to help, but first you need to help yourself by prioritizing your needs, eliminating the clutter and time-consuming but non-essential tasks in your life and then clearly communicating your needs with friends. … More Setting Boundaries

Do No Harm!

Experimenting with DIY health, household and beauty products can be a creative and productive outlet for some of the angst you might be feeling. And it just might do some good! But no matter what, do no harm!
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